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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Texas Citizens for Science - Truth or Not?

howdy dodie said...
Hey everyone--Over at Texas Citizens for Science they have a pretty good refutation of this whole lame 'Evolution is evil' shtick.

-----Pastor j says..
i'll see your refutation and raise you 5 ...

There are 5 short Free Vids at:
http://www.fullgrace.com/moral-trems.html -
interviewing: Elie Wiesel -
Nobel Peace Prize 1986 , also awarded the American Metal of Liberty.
Novelist, humanitarian, political activist, Professor and Holocaust survivor.

That form a non- Christian point of view - tells exactly what the state of man is like,
and what he believes caused it.

Elie Wiesel Whatever we do must be measured in moral terms 1-2-3
One on One - Elie Wiesel part-1-2

Offers - little hope of a future, on the present course.

i guess you could say this is evolution at it's finest :

-(The Bible says it is an abomination.

The Bible says too that the Lord puts stripes on those He loves,
no doubt the Jews were His first choice.

i'm not knocking science, i love it as a novice.

But it does Not take a "rocket scientist" or
Nobel Laureate to catch on to the difference between the terms Fact and theory ;-)

And it is blatantly obvious that (not all) but in comparison to most
- most evos consider their theories - Fact and represent them as such..

i have see so many - cut and paste quotes that in themselves state:
(essentially Fact) - (nearly Proof Positive) - (leaves us no other conclusion)
- (Points to, at) - (no other passable alternative) etc..

Till i could just puke!

If you do not want to accept the Lord that's your biz,
we have tried to warn you?

But to get mad at Christians because we object to misrepresenting the Facts,
and teaching our kids there is no other passable way

- Should be Criminal! And is, as far as i'm concerned.

All i can say is God help us all!

Pastor j

Friday, January 25, 2008

Reply to an Evolutionist - Atheist

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DImensio Says:January 23rd, 2008 at 1:10 pm
Explain me this? Like i have all the answers?
Just some of us believe it was an intelligent rock ..God, and some of you believe the rock you came from was nothing? or everything, or something?

let me see if i can condense in a readable form the tons of babel the most evos believe…
first there was nothing - it blew up - one of the rocks from this nothing got rained on for an undetermined amount of time (billions of years) some of the elements of the rock - that you don’t know where came from combines with the rain, heat and gases (that you don’t know where came from) gets struck by lightning or some other external extraordinary force (that you don’t know where came from) causes a coagulation of goo, that then wanted to become something more than it’s self and it was lonely so it went on a search for others of it’s kind and somewhere it found it’s polar equal opposite and learned to build a fire on it’s on and communicate with others, no doubt by smoke signals at first, then with a little more time we were at war - going to the moon and surfing the Internet.

i realize this sounds insane, i thought so too, the very first time i heard it, when i was a child and not a christian yet - i just wish one of the evos on this blog would actually state their thoughts on the evo and quit attacking folks for having a different opinion (theory) = same thing, only when you call your opinion a theory it sounds much more official

You are misrepresenting the theory of evolution. Either you do not understand evolution, or you are lying about it.
Oh and i guess you do understand it? i have nothing to gain by lying?
Why don’t you take a shot at explaining it to us poor dumb Christians?
Just saying that we (IDers)are stupid because of our ideas, does not really say much for evolution.

How about starting with the 1st and 2ND laws of thermodynamics
or maybe you can explain some simple first, like gravity - knowing it’s there and being able to measure it to some degree does not explain - why we are not slung into space..
considering that according to some other scientist the earth is spinning at just over 1000 MPH at the equator, while we are whizzing around the sun at about 66,000 MPH, while the moon is whizzing around us and at the point of sun they say our galaxy is spinning at about 480,000 MPH..

Personally - i’m very thankful my God is in control!

Not withstanding an estimated 10 to 40Th, to 1 odds of a yet unprovable chance for the least-est form of the simplest living cell..

Read this in one of the tons of stuff i’ve read on the subject - i will look it up for everyone’s benefit…

i do remember that it was a secular article with no claims of religion, just (simple math?)
Justify the calculation, and then explain its relevance to the theory of evolution.
When you come of with a life form of any kind on your on - let me know how many tries it took - will ya!

Then calculate in millions of unique life forms male and female.I.D. That?
Explain this statement.

After you come up with your own life form - then let me know how you explained to them that unless this life form you don’t have as of yet is a self replicating critter - how it may reproduce?
In light of the gross lack of evidence and in consideration of the fact that a theory is just that and in the 99.999 % of what we do not know and can not prove - I.D. can not logically be ruled out as just as possible a theory as the “theory of evolution”the above statements explain this one.
If “Intelligent Design” is a scientific theory, then it must posit a mechanism by which events occurred to produce current observations, and this mechanism must be useful for deriving predictions. Please state the mechanism(s) of “Intelligent Design” and state predictions derived from this or these mechanism(s).

First off evolution has no working model of any replicated life form either, there by your own stated standard - evo would not be considered a science either- call it what it really is - natural science that has evolved into super-natural non-science rhetoric?

When you come up with your own dirt (starting with nothing) and make your first man and woman, from nothing and make them a self sustaining livable habitat that you can replicate that then i may believe in evolution.

Just kidding - look, if you could prove - which many have jumped the gun saying the could and “Have Not” proven that that universe is a gazillion years old and it started from nothing to become what it is today..

i would say - what an awesome God to have come up with such a detailed plan and how HE must really love us to have gone to so much trouble - just to have us to fellowship with. What an awesome God indeed HE would be.

But at this point - no matter how promising or how much either side wants to believe they are right - it is still a mystery on both sides..

And while we are on the subject, let me throw another few tid-bits in the mix. Time is a man made convention that we use to regulate our comings and goings - God is not bound by time and space - and i know atheist consider that a joke - but if time and space do exists then please define for me the beginning and ending of either one?

And another thing - the native Mayans kept better track of (time) than we do today. And since i don’t expect that you can explain the time-space continuum - if you are honest you must admit that there are some things you just don’t know.

i can easily admit that i do not know a lot of things - BUT i have Faith -
and i have a friend that knows everything,

- including your heart and when you figure out that you can’t figure everything out and you realize that no one else can either, and you need a friend, all you have to do is call on HIM - HIS name is Jesus and HE is holding the universe together waiting for as many as that will to come to HIM - HE LOVES YOU!

And over 14,000 documents from a very close proximity in (time) accounts over 500 eye witness’ that HE died and rose again and ascended into heaven - and before HE left, HE said play nice, I’ll be back!

Now if it were involving any other subject in the world and we had over 500 eye witness’ and 14,000 documents written by hundreds of different parties many of which never knew each other and they all told such a similar story - any court in the world would convict in abstentia!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Famous Last words

Famous Last words (or) Tales Before The Crypt

A Heavenly Greeting,

The famous Christian, Dwight Moody...
awoke from sleep shortly before he died and said:
"Earth recedes. Heaven opens before me.
If this is death, it is sweet! There is no valley here.
God is calling me, and I must go."
And Moody's son said,
"No, no, Father. You're dreaming."
And Moody replied, "I am not dreaming.
I have been within the gates.
This is my triumph;
this is my coronation day! It is glorious!"

Augustus Toplady,
preacher and author of the hymn, "Rock of Ages":
"The consolations of God to such an unworthy wretch
are so abundant that He leaves me nothing to pray for
but a continuance of them. I enjoy heaven already in my soul."

Lady Glenorchy:
"If this is dying, it is the pleasantest thing imaginable."

John Pawson, minister:
"I know I am dying, but my deathbed is a bed of roses.
I have no thorns planted upon my dying pillow.
In Christ, heaven is already begun!"

Adoniram Judson, American missionary to Burma:
"I go with the gladness of a boy bounding away from school.
I feel so strong in Christ."

John A. Lyth:
"Can this be death? Why, it is better than living!
Tell them I die happy in Jesus!"

Martha McCrackin:
"How bright the room! How full of angels!"

Mary Frances:
"Oh, that I could tell you what joy I possess!
The Lord does shine with such power upon my soul!"

Sir David Brewster,
scientist and inventor of the kaleidoscope:
"I will see Jesus; I shall see Him as He is!
I have had the light for many years.
Oh how bright it is! I feel so safe and satisfied!"

A Moslem woman,
whose child had died at 16 years of age
asked a Christian missionary,
"What did you do to our daughter?"
The missionary replied,
"We did nothing," But the mother persisted,
"Oh, yes, you did! She died smiling.
Our people do not die like that."
As it turned out, the girl had found Christ
and believed on Him only a few months before.
Fear of death had gone and hope and joy had taken its place.

A Chinese communist,
through whom many Christians had
been executed, said to a Pastor:
"I have seen many of you die.
The Christians die in a different way.
What is your secret?"

In Contrast:

A Hellish Goodbye...
Last words of some famous atheist:

Thomas Payne:
"I would give worlds, if I had them,
if the Age of Reason had never been published.
O Lord, help me! Christ, help me!
Stay with me! It is hell to be left alone!"

"I am abandoned by God and man!
I shall go to hell! O’ Jesus Christ!"

David Hume:
The atheist died in utter despair
with an awful scene crying out,
"I am in the flames!"

Karl Marx:
Was on his deathbed surrounded by candles
burning to lucifer and screamed at his nurse
who asked him if he had any last words,
"Go on, get out!
Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough."

Died insane, completely out of his mind.

Sir Thomas Scott:
"Until now I thought there was no God or hell.
Now I know there is both, and I am doomed."

Sir Francis Newport:
"Do not tell me there is no God for I know
there is one, and that I am in his angry presence!
You need not tell me there is no hell,
for I already feel my soul slipping into its fires!
I know that I am lost forever."

John MacArthur..Pastor, Teacher
@ Grace To You - gty.org"
The particular love of God for His own is overwhelming.
It is powerful.
If you don’t stand in awe of it,
then you don’t really grasp its significance.
We ought to be in awe, and like Israel,
humiliated before such love.
He does not owe it to us.
Yet He condescends to love us nonetheless.
If our hearts aren’t stirred with love for God in return,
then there’s something terribly wrong with us."

If this does not scare the hell out of you,
I'm sorry! :-(

Pastor j ~ http://www.fullgrace.com/

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ice Records Melting Away

Ice records events in layers of time - Not an exacting science. This has been (easily) disproven -
these folks http://nicl.usgs.gov/prewho.htm and so many others that want to believe evo so bad..
misinterpret the facts without taking into consideration real world circumstances.
They want to perceive and convey that each layer represents a season or even longer when need be to fit the evo-puzzle together.

When in reality it has been shown that many such ice layers may be formed in a single season, due to multiple daily climate changes of much less severity and time lapse than what was first thought.

Good try but really what these non-scientist are seeing is their fat funding melting away.

If there were (any) real proof that we as a race (the human race) had no cause to fear eternity - it would become the new (Best Seller) as of yet nothing :-(
For more real truth see the worlds all time best seller - the Holy Bible :-)

Collectivly accepted as the B.A.S.I.C truth to more than 1.5 billion folks on the planet and countless billions (as the sands of the sea shores) of believers gone on, that have for all their draw backs, been the major building blocks of the now known civilized world.

And please do'nt come back with a few isolated wackos that have darken God's word, to attempt to show that the idea of ID is wacked.

Way more damage has been done through out history by the darkness of greed, lust, hate and selfish lack of concern for others. Than any errant belief that we are under the eye of an Almighty creator, who rewards and punishes.

At any rate the main jest of our quest should be (The Truth) because it is the truth that sets us free - what ever that may be..
No amount of retoric, no matter how loud you scream it will change (The Truth).

For all those that would consider suppressing the truth for a paycheck or any other reason - it will be to your shame as history looks back.
For betterment of all mankind we must protect the right to go after the truth and seek it where ever the data leads us.
And ultimately be allowed to ponder thought (Outside the Box).

As stated by a nobleman who's name escapes me at the moment,
"I may not agree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it!"

I see the words insane and crazy being battered about,
what's really crazy is for anyone to think that the truth can be suppressed or ignored indefinitely.

And for all my brothers and sisters out there, that are dismayed at some of the antics going back and forth,
remember - our fight is not against flesh and blood.
But powers and principalities in high places.

The Word - the true Word, will be made known to every living creature.

Everyone has a conscience (con=with + science=knowledge),
I believe it is written upon our hearts by the All Mighty, most high God.
Anything less is science con!

Dr. Phil, says old sayings usually get to be old sayings because there true - otherwise they fade away.
Hence the old saying - "let your conscience be your guide" - not science cons.

One moves us toward the light of truth, the other leads to utter darkness.

Seek the Truth!
Pastor ~ www.FullGrace.com

We came from a rock ;-)

With all due respect, to everyone involved in the search for where we came from to those of us that are more conserned about where we are going from here, it would seem that we all agree we came from a rock ;-)

Just some of us believe it was an intelligent rock ..God, and some of you believe the rock you came from was nothing? or everything, or something?
Not withstanding an estimated 10 to 40th, to 1 odds of a yet unprovable chance for the leastest form of the simplest living cell..
Then calculate in millions of unique life forms male and female.I.D. That?
In light of the gross lack of evidence and in consideration of the fact that a theory is just that and in the 99.999 % of what we do not know and can not prove - I.D. can not logically be ruled out as just as possible a theory as the "theory of evolution"

Both are absolutely based in faith - one in a faith of hope for a heaven and life here-after.
The other in a hope that there is not an here-after, for in this case the here-after would be dark indeed!

God help us all.