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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Evolutionist - Atheist

Evolutionist who do not believe in God’s existence,
are on the losing team.
They may as well give up.

Recent surveys show:
More than 90% of Americans acknowledge His (God's) existence.
Approx., 84% of Americans not only believe in God,
but claim a religious affiliation (Baptist, Meth., Luth.,...)

Case gets worse for evolutionists as for over 50 years
evolution has been pushed on us
from all parts and parties of America,
Held up to our school kids as the gospel truth for 40 years.

But the percent of people believing it, since that time
has only increased by about one percent. (1%)

Why is This?
Simple, it takes no faith to believe in God’s existence.
Because evidence of creation is everywhere.
Even a child knows that if there’s a creation,
there must be a Creator. (that's creative!)

But really,
there is no empirical
evidence for evolution.
It takes a huge (blind) leap of faith
to believe in the theory of evolution.

It seemed for a time
that the world was being converted to evolution.
But recent media attention about
"the theory of" Truth- in - the theory of evolution
has made many give it some serious thought.
At the end of the day, it's just a theory.

Abraham Lincoln was right when he said,
... "folks" are not that easily deceived.
"We may deceive all the people sometimes;
we may deceive some of the people all the time,
but not all the people all the time, and not God at any time."

Be not deceived; God is not mocked:
for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Galatians 6:7 (KJV)

In Christ,
bro, j

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Holy Smoke is Right!

Some Folks?

Check this out for an - argument against - Creation?

WARNING: This is (supposed to be) an Anti-Creation website..

But it would seem - They Acknowledge I. D., or a Great Designer?

Please Note Questions: 31, 37 and 46...
They are telling their selfs - There is a Creator.
But they won't even hear their own FACTS!

31 True: Life is too complex to have happened by chance.

37 True: Life appears to have been designed by a Great Designer.

46 False: Humans evolved from monkeys

Beware - of folks that talk out both sides of their mouth.
Mixing a little truth with a lie to make it more believable.

Willful Darkness is like a sickness, it seeks to infect all it comes in contact with.
Misery loves company!

Wake-up Call,
In Christ,
Pastor ~ http://www.fullgrace.com/

Friday, February 1, 2008

Interpretations ??? There is Hope..

There is Hope
In Christ Alone.

In our Love for God -
let's Stop Breaking His Heart :-(

I know there is intelligent life out there - ;-)

In Christ,
Pastor j http://www.fullgrace.com/

The Trinity (Revised)

PreacherMan! - The Trinity (Revised) = Must See TV Folks!

This man is trying to tell ya something -
So far i believe he is batting 1000% ;-)

While standing on the Blood of Christ Alone, -

Christians, Please listen -
How are we to defend such a divided cause?

Love Covers - is not sex scandel in the Bible.
No body who seeks truth and peace -
Slanders others -
on Non salvation issues
On Salvation -
the old man needs to die
If we are 2b born again

In Christ,
cody - Full Grace Ministries

PreacherMan - YouTubes - Rock! Hard!
not Hard Rock?

This is a comment i left @


Preacherman - Dude, Bro! i listen!
And i think your right on.
i respect that you don't like fluffed up numbers too.
Your #s will grow, i give it high odds -
Folks are more ready and in more need of what i heard GOOD!
That is 1 of #1 reasons lost wont see!
i'm not impressed by #s - Your C vs. A is #1 on FullGrace.com embeded player.
i think folks need to hear your message -
Down to earth - Simple - Bible Truths.
Double Blessings to you.
In Christ,
cody - Full Grace Ministries

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Texas Citizens for Science - Truth or Not?

howdy dodie said...
Hey everyone--Over at Texas Citizens for Science they have a pretty good refutation of this whole lame 'Evolution is evil' shtick.

-----Pastor j says..
i'll see your refutation and raise you 5 ...

There are 5 short Free Vids at:
http://www.fullgrace.com/moral-trems.html -
interviewing: Elie Wiesel -
Nobel Peace Prize 1986 , also awarded the American Metal of Liberty.
Novelist, humanitarian, political activist, Professor and Holocaust survivor.

That form a non- Christian point of view - tells exactly what the state of man is like,
and what he believes caused it.

Elie Wiesel Whatever we do must be measured in moral terms 1-2-3
One on One - Elie Wiesel part-1-2

Offers - little hope of a future, on the present course.

i guess you could say this is evolution at it's finest :

-(The Bible says it is an abomination.

The Bible says too that the Lord puts stripes on those He loves,
no doubt the Jews were His first choice.

i'm not knocking science, i love it as a novice.

But it does Not take a "rocket scientist" or
Nobel Laureate to catch on to the difference between the terms Fact and theory ;-)

And it is blatantly obvious that (not all) but in comparison to most
- most evos consider their theories - Fact and represent them as such..

i have see so many - cut and paste quotes that in themselves state:
(essentially Fact) - (nearly Proof Positive) - (leaves us no other conclusion)
- (Points to, at) - (no other passable alternative) etc..

Till i could just puke!

If you do not want to accept the Lord that's your biz,
we have tried to warn you?

But to get mad at Christians because we object to misrepresenting the Facts,
and teaching our kids there is no other passable way

- Should be Criminal! And is, as far as i'm concerned.

All i can say is God help us all!

Pastor j