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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Holy Smoke is Right!

Some Folks?

Check this out for an - argument against - Creation?

WARNING: This is (supposed to be) an Anti-Creation website..

But it would seem - They Acknowledge I. D., or a Great Designer?

Please Note Questions: 31, 37 and 46...
They are telling their selfs - There is a Creator.
But they won't even hear their own FACTS!

31 True: Life is too complex to have happened by chance.

37 True: Life appears to have been designed by a Great Designer.

46 False: Humans evolved from monkeys

Beware - of folks that talk out both sides of their mouth.
Mixing a little truth with a lie to make it more believable.

Willful Darkness is like a sickness, it seeks to infect all it comes in contact with.
Misery loves company!

Wake-up Call,
In Christ,
Pastor ~ http://www.fullgrace.com/

Friday, February 1, 2008

Interpretations ??? There is Hope..

There is Hope
In Christ Alone.

In our Love for God -
let's Stop Breaking His Heart :-(

I know there is intelligent life out there - ;-)

In Christ,
Pastor j http://www.fullgrace.com/

The Trinity (Revised)

PreacherMan! - The Trinity (Revised) = Must See TV Folks!

This man is trying to tell ya something -
So far i believe he is batting 1000% ;-)

While standing on the Blood of Christ Alone, -

Christians, Please listen -
How are we to defend such a divided cause?

Love Covers - is not sex scandel in the Bible.
No body who seeks truth and peace -
Slanders others -
on Non salvation issues
On Salvation -
the old man needs to die
If we are 2b born again

In Christ,
cody - Full Grace Ministries

PreacherMan - YouTubes - Rock! Hard!
not Hard Rock?

This is a comment i left @


Preacherman - Dude, Bro! i listen!
And i think your right on.
i respect that you don't like fluffed up numbers too.
Your #s will grow, i give it high odds -
Folks are more ready and in more need of what i heard GOOD!
That is 1 of #1 reasons lost wont see!
i'm not impressed by #s - Your C vs. A is #1 on FullGrace.com embeded player.
i think folks need to hear your message -
Down to earth - Simple - Bible Truths.
Double Blessings to you.
In Christ,
cody - Full Grace Ministries